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Sovereign Wallet Network partners with Young Entrepreneurs Generator of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Sovereign Wallet Network (SWN) is pleased to announce a partnership with the Young Entrepreneurs Generator of the Republic of Uzbekistan (YEG). The WBIA is a global association focused on public policy coordination around the use of distributed ledger technologies. Young Entrepreneurs Generator of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the first Uzbekistan government-supported Business Incubator advocating the growth of later-stage startups by providing them with a hyper connected platform to develop innovative products and drive the adoption of revolutionary solutions in the mass market.

The Partnership will see both Parties provide and exchange complementary resources and capabilities. SWN will provide mentoring to the accelerator program and consultation sessions with startups. YEG‘s fast-growing international network of government, corporate, and entrepreneurial partners, such as Enterprise Uzbekistan, will provide a wide mesh of coverage to reach and connect startups.

SWN will be a technical partner for YEG with a focus on helping startups develop products and service solutions that have real-world applicability and impact. The technical partnership with SWN can serve as the foundation for new systems that are more efficient and accessible. With the world moving rapidly towards Industry 4.0, a partner like SWN will be very beneficial as it looks to drive widespread adoption of block chain technology across Uzbekistan and Central Asia.

The core component of this partnership is enabling the successful collaboration between startups and MUI MetaBlockchain ecosystem. Young Entrepreneurs Generator has more than 500 enterprise projects and launched scores of active business networks. Building and scaling on top of the successful block chain project and business network is a priority. YEG is a startup incubator that plans to integrate the MUI MetaBlockchain to support block chain projects with potentials by providing technical consultation, mentoring, co-working space for a convenient and productive environment. The partnership focuses on research and development applications on top of the MUI MetaBlockchain technology.

As a result of this experience, there is a belief that there is a huge opportunity for MUI MetaBlockchain networks to be utilized and scaled successfully when SWN and YEG connect the startups in the Republic of Uzbekistan to MUI MetaBlockchain. In particular, SWN supports and curates the growth-stage startups with the best high-growth innovators worldwide to utilize the MUI MetaBlockchain.

SWN will provide education and mentoring to Young Entrepreneurs Generator (Business Incubator). Block chain is an important technology for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Block chain technologies provide efficiency, security, traceability to financial system-related activities and fundraising for startups.

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